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How to clean the vessels of the brain?

How to clean the vessels of the brain?

Everyone knows that health should be protected from a young age. However, not everyone follows this principle. We often start diseases without paying attention to mild ailments, which eventually develop into chronic diseases and significantly complicate our lives. Among the organs whose disease prevention plays a very important role, the brain is in the first place. Its activity is similar to that of a computer: the brain processes information received from other organs, regulates vital body systems. Diseases of this organ begin with a malfunction of the vessels that feed it. If you do not attach importance to this problem, the lumen of the vessels may narrow, clog with sclerotic plaques, which will lead to impaired blood flow. In this regard, the question is very relevant: how to clean the vessels of the brain? Is there any point in such a procedure and is it possible to carry it out at home? Let's deal with these issues.

Cleaning of vessels in a hospital setting

The cleansing of the vessels of the brain and the whole body is successfully carried out by the methods of modern medicine. Such basic methods can be distinguished.

Extracorporeal hemocorrection

The procedure is as follows: up to 500 ml of blood is taken from the patient's bloodstream, after which the mass is divided into plasma and red blood cells using a centrifuge. The erythrocyte mass is immediately injected into the bloodstream, and the plasma is subjected to a cholesterol purification procedure. Then the purified plasma is injected back and the next portion of blood is taken for purification.

The method is based on taking medications that dissolve cholesterol, dilate the lumen of blood vessels, as well as increased doses of vitamin C and B2.

Herbal medicine. This method is based on the medicinal properties of medicinal plants.

When is vessel cleaning indicated

Experts say that the cleaning of cerebral vessels should be carried out regularly, about once a year. This is the prevention of diseases of the brain, and also improves its functioning. But if there are obvious disorders of cerebral circulation, vascular cleansing is a necessity. The following symptoms can tell about this condition:

problems with memory, concentration;

frequent increase in pressure;

headache, dizziness;

visual and hearing impairments;

constant fatigue, decreased performance;

bad sleep, irritability.

If these symptoms are ignored, severe consequences can develop – Alzheimer's disease, ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke, which is practically untreatable.

Cleaning of vessels – folk methods

Cleansing the blood vessels of the brain with folk remedies is very common. This is due to the fact that this method is not dangerous and allows you to achieve good results. Let's look at a few available recipes that are widely used for this purpose.

Raisins and walnuts are excellent helpers in the fight for the purity of cerebral vessels. Every morning, every day, eat three nuts, a little raisins (about a pinch) and one tangerine. Eat them one at a time and do not mix them. After that, it is forbidden to eat for at least 20 minutes. After the time has elapsed, drink a glass of water and you can start breakfast. The cleaning course should last 3 months, or more.

Cleaning the blood vessels of the brain with folk remedies often includes the use of garlic. The remedy is prepared as follows: pass a head of garlic through a press and pour it with sunflower oil in the amount of 1 cup. Put the mixture in the refrigerator, on the bottom shelf. A day later, squeeze out the juice from one lemon and take the remedy in this way: mix a teaspoon of juice with a teaspoon of garlic-oil mixture. Take this mixture three times a day for half an hour before meals. The course should be continued for up to three months, and then, after a short break, you can repeat the course.

Juniper berries are an excellent cleaning of the cerebral vessels with folk remedies. They should be consumed entirely: one course – 205 berries. First, you need to eat 5 berries daily, then their number is increased one per day until their number reaches 15 pieces. This is followed by a decrease according to the same principle, one berry per day, until their number reaches 5 again.

Cranberry juice can be used to completely clean blood vessels in 21 days. This juice is taken three times a day during the first week in the amount of ½ cup. After 7 days, the number of juice doses per day is reduced to two, and after 2 weeks. after the start of the course, only half a glass per day is taken.

Honey, lemon juice and olive oil are taken in equal quantities. Everything is thoroughly mixed and consumed orally half an hour before meals, in the morning by a teaspoon. This remedy is also called the elixir of life: it is used to effectively clean the blood vessels of the brain at home. It helps to improve the human condition and eliminates headaches.

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