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An alternative to fitness in the heat

An alternative to fitness in the heat

Hot weather is undoubtedly a gift for everyone who wants to say goodbye to unnecessary kilograms. There is no appetite, and the weight actually goes away on its own. There is only one problem: in combination with appetite, strength and desire for fitness also go away in the heat, even in the hall where there is air conditioning. How do we keep ourselves in shape all the time until the weather turns down and we can return to our usual way of life?

It is already difficult to force yourself to exercise systematically, but in the heat it is virtually impossible to do so. There is simply no strength, and it is harmful to create such a serious burden on the heart. Instead of elegant shapes and good health, you can mistakenly have a heart attack or just faint, which is also very unpleasant. For this reason, it is preferable to receive most of the physical activity not directly from sports, but from increasing «household» activity.

Daily wet cleaning

Duration of the «workout»: 20 minutes, strengthen: calf muscles, abs, hips.

Down with modern mops and vacuum cleaners, take a rag in your hands and go ahead to fight dust. The bends carried out when mopping the floors, stretching in case of erasing the dust available on the upper shelves – in extreme conditions and this can be considered a small workout. And even at such a high temperature, it will become much easier to breathe after wet cleaning.


Duration of the «workout»: 20-30 minutes, strengthen: thighs, buttocks, calf muscles.

In the morning, we move in small dashes from the house to the car with climate control, and then to the office with air conditioning. And throughout the day we sit quietly in our offices, completely ignoring even lunch, just not to go outside once again. But in the evening, you should definitely catch up. A walk with a dog that you used to successfully push off on your partner, a visit to the store for a bag of milk, and just a walk around the area, allow your legs at least a small load, and they will not lose shape during the forced downtime.


The duration of the «workout»: from five minutes, every day, we strengthen: buttocks, hips, calf muscles.

Walking up stairs for extra load is by itself not new, but it is also effective. The buttocks will be elastic, the legs will be graceful, and there will be absolutely no pangs of conscience regarding missed classes.


The duration of the «workout»: you can «find» an hour or more in a day, strengthen your hips

Forget about computer messengers completely. Most often we use them in the office, so as not to go from office to office on every issue, but now is the time.


Duration of the «workout»: 15-20 minutes, strengthen: completely all muscle groups.

A hard brush with a shower jet is not just a method to make the skin significantly elastic, but also a chance to create a load on the muscles. In a clockwise circular motion, massage your own body in the direction starting from the tips of your arms and legs to your heart. This will significantly improve blood circulation and, by the way, speed up the metabolic process.

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