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Tai bo fitness

Tai bo fitness

Tai bo is a fashionable and popular type of fitness. If you decide to get rid of extra pounds and stress, then you should do tai bo. This type of fitness is in increasing demand. An hour of tai bo allows you to get rid of 800 calories, and systematic training will provide you with muscle tone and flexibility, endurance and strength, relieve stress and help you find harmony.

Tai bo fitness is a mix of martial arts with dance aerobics. This dynamic workout effectively burns calories and develops endurance. Just an hour of classes is equivalent to covering ten kilometers. Classes will help you get rid of excess body weight, gain confidence and teach useful elements of self-defense. Taibo fitness can also be considered as a martial art that perfectly relieves tension and stress, improves posture and functioning of the cardiovascular system, while working out all the main muscle groups.

Tai bo classes are suitable for all women. With the exception of a good figure, you will find balance and harmony, this is facilitated by a variety of breathing exercises and meditations present in the exercises. All movements in tai bo are aimed at improving endurance and flexibility, improving the figure and mastery of martial arts.

Before you start doing tai-bo fitness, you need to prepare your own body for the upcoming loads. Joints and muscles should be strengthened to avoid injuries and various sprains. It is preferable to practice active dancing or step aerobics for several months. Clothes need to be comfortable and made of natural fabrics, preferably a loose T-shirt and shorts. Special attention should be paid to shoes, you should buy well-cushioning sneakers that do not slip and fix the foot well. You can visit a fitness club or practice tai-bo at home using specialized video tutorials. The main thing is to tune in to systematic classes that will give the desired result.

Tai-bo classes

Tai-bo classes are held incrementally, so with each subsequent workout, the load will gradually increase. The lesson begins with a warm-up, in the vast majority of cases it consists of a set of step-dance exercises, and also running. After the warm-up, strength exercises for the development of endurance, stretching (stretching), relaxation exercises follow. After that, the main part of the training begins, namely intensive exercises that consist of punches and kicks into space and on a punching bag, jumps, various arbitrary movements and movements taken from martial arts. All this happens to rhythmic music. When striking into space, small dumbbells will be useful to enhance the effect. The final part of the workout consists of a fight dance, which helps to restore breathing.

Tai Bo Fitness Exercises

The first exercise. You should take dumbbells weighing about 0.5-1 kilogram, then stand up straight, with your feet shoulder-width apart. Next, you should make light fast strokes in front of you, focusing on the nose. It is very convenient to perform this exercise in front of a mirror. Perform punches as if you were hitting your nose (your own). The torso should not be twisted at the same time.

This tai bo exercise strengthens the muscles of the arms, back, and shoulder girdle.

The second exercise is «Backstroke». You should bend slightly forward, bring your foot back so that your heel is flush with the knee of the leg on which you are standing. When performing a backstroke, it is necessary to pull the heel up. You need to return to the starting position along the same trajectory. Then repeat the kick with the other foot. It is recommended to perform this exercise about 15-20 times.

This tai bo exercise strengthens the muscles of the legs and thighs, makes the buttocks elastic.

The third exercise is «Kick forward». It is necessary to straighten up, pull in your stomach. After that, pull up the leg bent at the knee to the stomach and straighten it with the heel forward. The blows are repeated twenty times with each foot.

The fourth exercise is «Kick to the side». You should straighten up, put your feet shoulder-width apart, and then pull one leg up to the other, bend it at the knee and straighten it to the side, then return to the starting position. The blows are repeated twenty times with each foot.

The fifth exercise is «Dragons». You need to stand up straight, spread your legs a little. Inhale by bending your arms at the elbows and placing them at chest level. After that, you need to stretch your arms forward, your thumbs should be turned up. At the exit, you need to sit down, you can't take your feet off the floor. Repeat the exercise five times. This tai bo exercise strengthens the legs and buttocks well, helps to find balance and get rid of negative energy.

First, you need to work out all the elements at a slow pace in front of the mirror in order to master the technique. And then you can smoothly increase the speed of the strokes. Use a specialized pillow or a punching bag to feel the force of the blow. When performing punches, you do not need to straighten your arms at the elbows, and your legs at the knees completely. Your legs should be slightly springy, and your hands should move freely, because it is much easier to perform punches this way, and besides, you can avoid injury.

You can practice tai-bo fitness on your own or with a trainer. For training, a room with an area of about 12 square meters or an outdoor playground is best suited. If classes are held outdoors, then take a player with you. For home tai-bo classes, you can purchase a training record or practice online via the Internet. In addition, you can apply special sets of exercises. If you decide to work out at a fitness club, you can choose classes with a personal trainer or group workouts.

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