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Waist exercises "Thin and graceful waist" by Katerina Buida

Waist exercises "Thin and graceful waist" by Katerina Buida

A slim waist is every woman's dream! But not everyone knows how to make it thin. In many ways, the human constitution is determined by his heredity, therefore it is much more difficult for hypersthenics to make a thin waist than for asthenics. A thin waist will never be achieved by women who have a small distance between the ribs and the pelvic bone. Alas, we are powerless in this. The hormonal background of a person also affects the size of the waist: a large number of female hormones makes the figure more feminine and the waist thinner. With a lack of female hormones, a completely different picture is observed. Nevertheless, everyone can try to correct the mistake of nature and overcome their heredity. Katerina Burda offers a simple but very effective set of exercises that allow you to model your figure. For many girls, this complex will be useful in order to perfectly prepare for the summer season. I want to remind you that the effect of classes will be only when you practice yourself regularly, and not on a case-by-case basis. Good luck to everyone in your endeavors!

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