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Garfield (2004) watch online

Garfield (2004) watch online
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This animated comedy tells about the adventures of the most famous and lazy cat in the world — Garfield. Garfield is a chubby and eternally hungry orange cat who lives with his master John Arbuckle. He is used to a measured and comfortable life, preferring to sleep and eat more than anything else in the world. However, his world changes when John takes in a stray dog named Odie on the street. Odie is the complete opposite of Garfield, he is infinitely energetic and cheerful, but overly naive and stupid. Garfield is not thrilled with the new addition to the house and feels that his comfortable existence has been disrupted. The plot of the film begins when Garfield decides to expel Odie from the house, but as a result, Odie accidentally falls into the hands of an evil TV showman who kidnaps a dog. Garfield realizes that now he has to do something he has never done before-act to save Odie. Garfield goes in search of Odie, and his journey leads him into the most incredible and funny situations. In the process, he meets new friends, and his cold heart begins to melt. He begins to realize that sometimes adventure and friendship are more important than laziness and appetite. The film «Garfield» is a funny story about the laziest cat in the world, who learns to appreciate warm relationships and friendship. He raises questions about the importance of family and how we can change for the sake of those we love. Garfield is a character who is easy to empathize with and have fun with, and this film was another step towards his popularity in the animation world.

Name: Garfield

Year of release: 2004

Country: USA

Director: Peter Hewitt

Actors: Breckin Meyer, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Stephen Tobolowsky, Bill Murray, Evan Arnold, Mark Christopher Lawrence, Vanessa Kristel, Daaman J. Krall, Rufus Gifford, Randy Reicher

Genre: Comedy, Family, Fantasy

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