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Borscht dressing

Borscht dressing

It is very convenient in winter — I opened a small jar — and the borscht is ready in half an hour! It can be vegetarian, it can be broth, it can be stewed — in general, it's a matter of minutes!

Gross weight is given:

— beetroot 3 kg

— carrots 1 kg

— onion 1 kg

— sweet pepper 1 kg

— tomatoes 1 kg

— 1 cup of sugar

— 3 tablespoons of salt

— 1 cup of vegetable oil

— 125 ml (half a thin cup) of vinegar 9%

Yield: about 12 0.5 l cans

Instruction manual:

Wash all the vegetables, peel them, then put them in layers in a basin in the following sequence:

— cut the onion into half or quarter rings

— grate the beetroot on a coarse grater (you can also do it in a Korean way)

— grate the carrots in the same way

— cut the pepper into thin strips

— tomatoes in half circles

— add salt, sugar, vinegar, oil

— mix everything and put it on a small fire, as soon as it gives juice, add fire and cook for 25 minutes,

— put it hot in sterile jars and roll up.

In winter, just cook the broth, season with cabbage, potatoes (I cook without it), boil a little and send the contents of the jar, after 7-10 minutes the borscht is ready! In the end, I prefer to add chopped garlic directly into a saucepan and into a plate with more greens and sour cream for those who wish.

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